General Purpose

The main objectives of the IIIS are: to contribute to 1) the generation of synergetic relationships among different disciplines, and 2) the knowledge integration; by means of fostering inter-disciplinary communication, epistemological pluralism, and intellectual diversity. Read more

The basic objectives of the International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS) are:

  • To contribute to the identification of synergetic relationships among the areas of The Systems Approach, Cybernetics, and Informatics, as well as between them and society.
  • To foster, promote, and stimulate anything that can provide support and catalyze postmodernist methods in the postindustrial information society, especially regarding the emerging and growing plurality of conceptions of what is and/or should be Science, Technology, and Engineering.
  • To foster, promote, and stimulate the tolerance required for the emergence of plural reasoning, alternative methods, and diversity of rigor in thought.
  • To foster, promote, and stimulate the tolerance required for the integration of knowledge and solutions in: a) the different fields of science and technology, with the spirit that has given rise to the Systems Movement (systems theory and methodology), and b) the different cultural, epistemological, ethical, praxiological and esthetic realities, within the context of the postmodernist phenomenon.

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Current Purpose

A main purpose of IIIS is to foster knowledge integration processes, interdisciplinary communication, and integration of academic Activities. Based on 1) the trandisciplinarity of the systemic approach, and 2) on the multi-disciplinary support of Cybernetics and informatics concepts, notions, theories, technologies, and tools, the IIIS has been organizing multi-disciplinary conferences as a platform for fostering inter-disciplinary communication and knowledge integration processes. Read more

Current Activities

Among the main current activities of the IIIS are the following: 1) To organize multi-disciplinary conferences that include intra-disciplinary presentations and supporting events for inter-disciplinary communication, 2) To promote virtual communities on important topics, 3) to publish the best 20% of the papers presented at its conferences in journals, 4) to upload to YouTube tutorials, workshops, and plenary keynote addresses delivered at conference organized since 2006, 5) To promote the formation of Inter-National and Inter-Disciplinary Integration Groups (IIIG) in important academic and professional areas, and 6) to promote the self-transcendence of the IIIS into an International, Interdisciplinary, and integrative Network (IIIN). Read more